Rocket Fish Digital is a marketing agency. Not a product. Our platform provides the absolute best, fully managed, localized digital marketing solutions for all types of businesses.


Services that are included in packages.

  • Customized Client Dashboard
A dashboard that will pull in all your analytics in real-time from a variety of sources including Google, Facebook and Instagram. This includes all reviews from over 100 sites and all online digital metrics that focus on rankings and search. #StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Monthly Reporting
Executive Reports built for busy individuals that summarize all relevant information on your digital products and their performance.
#StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Listing Builder With Over 
    175 Listing Sites
Your BRAND will be accurately built and synced with over 175 sites 24/7/365 including Google, Yahoo & Bing. We manage and monitor the BRAND while maintaining accurate and up-to-date information that will aid in the process of organically improving online performance and search rankings. #StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Google My Business 
    Listing Optimized
Your Google My Business listing is a key component to online performance. We will build, keyword and properly list it with Google as well as maintain and update it regularly to keep it in compliance. 
#StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Online Directory Listing
We will build an online directory listing and list it on, the largest online directory in the Northwest. Your listing includes your contact information, a description of your business and several photos. Your listing will also be placed into corresponding categories for your business. #StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Reputation Monitoring & Management
You will be a part of the best in class “Reputation Management” software. Your online reputation will be monitored and managed. Our platform also provides you the CLIENT full access and control over every review via TEXTING. Every review you receive will be text to you where you can respond within seconds. #StarterPackage #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Website Schema

We bring the power of schema to your website which allows search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing to understand what your listing information means and present it in a more informative manner to potential customers.
#ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage

  • Listing Blog Written 
    & Indexed by Google
We will write a blog post focusing on your business/industry 4x per year and index it directly with Google. By adding scheme markup to your website, it will allow search engines to understand what your information means and present it in a more informative matter to your potential customers and to Google. #ProfessionalPackage #AgencyPackage
  • Social Media Management for Facebook & Instagram
Monitoring social media has become more and more difficult for business owners. We will build, manage and post to your Facebook and Instagram pages 4x per month per platform and help you gain a social media following to take advantage of more leads!
  • Content Development
    & Creative Branding
Content is important. Organic content, blogged and posted via social media is even more important. We will build your BRAND organic, industry-related content for your social media platforms. #AgencyPackage



Additional services not included in packages that require additional cost. Inquire for pricing.

Additional Social Media Posting

We will build, manage and post to Facebook and Instagram.

Google AdWord Campaigns

Our Google AdWord marketing service fees are our costs associated with managing your advertising campaigns which includes the development, strategy, management and best practice optimization for each campaign. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on Google AdWords (You must have an advertising budget if you use our Google AdWord marketing services).


Our social media marketing service fees are our costs associated with managing your advertising campaigns which includes the development, strategy, management and best practice optimization for each campaign. It does not include any advertising dollars to run paid ads on social media (You must have an advertising budget if you use our Social Media Marketing Campaign services).


Our agency exists to help you design and build an effective, meaningful brand. Our graphic designers consist of top-notch talent and thrive in brand building identity. Whether you need graphic design for traditional media or digital media, we can help you in developing and elevating your brand. Services include but are not limited to: Logos, Business Cards, Book Covers, Book & Magazine Design, Letterhead & Envelopes, Website Covers, Brochures Packaging & Labels. Apparel (T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, etc.), Cups or Mugs, Stickers Email Designs, Food Menus, Powerpoint Templates and much more.

Search engine optimization (seo)

Rocket Fish Digital provides a comprehensive SEO campaign that utilizes technical improvement, content development, content promotion and link acquisition techniques. These activities are intended to enhance organic search visibility, which in turn drives the inbound marketing efforts of the business. Our SEO team will optimize your website and include pages for each keyword optimized with the goal of helping your site rank organically on the first page of search results for the products and services you offer.

Content Creation

With more than years of combined experience, our in-house writers will create quality content that will fuel your marketing. Creating quality content remains one of the biggest challenges among organizations. We offer innovative ideas to create useful, interesting and effective content for a range of industries from technology to healthcare and more.


Rocket Pixel is an innovative data technology created to maximize the potential for your web visitors and enhance ROI for small and large businesses. Essentially the technology is capable of collecting data on each unique visitor that visits your website. This visitor does not have to opt-in or sign on to any form in order for you to collect its data. By simply visiting your website or landing page that Rocket Pixel is installed, the customer's data i.e. IP address, Name, Address, Email and Phone number can be extracted. By signing up to our monthly program, you will receive weekly reports via email of the data that we have collected from your website for the following week. You can use this data to expand your email list, strengthen re-targeting campaigns, generate leads for cold calling or mail outs and dynamically retarget via Cable Television and Satellite Radio efforts.




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